Online Data Backup - Dont Leave Home Without It

If the criteria for selecting Online Data backup are understood, then the question of making a selection is an easy one. The way a company selects an Online Data backup service is quite different from the way an individual would a pick a service.

As one can guess, the first criterion would be the size of the file that is to be backed up. A file can be anything from a word document to a pdf, to an actual life size replica of an artist’s drawing done in jpg or gif. Images are far heavier than documents, and compressing, scalability and fragmentation of these files is highly selective. For an organization, the main storage would be documents, tables and plans for projects, whereas as individual might make arrangements to have his legal, personal and professional matters organized. Though similar in nature, the size of these categories varies largely.

Finding a service provider for Online Data backup that can offer unlimited data transfer and storage might be recommended in the case of the former, while an individual would be far more comfortable with a limited plan. While at the most an individual might backup the contents of his laptop and his home computer, an organization might have a whole slew of 20-30 or more computers that need back up. It depends on the number of employees, the size of the organization, and the magnitude of their business. Magnitude of storage required is, therefore, the criterion here.

A closely related third factor is pricing, which again varies depending on the type of back up chosen and the size of the memory allocated for it. Often, providers of Online Data backup services also offer a range of speeds for data transfer, with higher speed being more expensive.

Companies restrain the amount of funds they allow for Online Data backup, because they have to be sure of the payoffs before they can get much more funds okayed for it. Companies such as Securstore provide a cost effective means, and, the cost is pretty much directly proportional to the size of backup one needs, and this is why it is always prudent that a company chooses to back up text and documents first, and then move on to storing those pictures and videos that are absolutely necessary.

The ability of the storage provider is a fourth criterion, and quite an important one. Although companies insist that files to be backed up come virus free, it is the responsibility of the provider to also provide the know-how of handling a virus attack, a crash or any mechanical or physical damage. A good Online Data backup provider would be able to suggest solutions for data recovery, and also for precautions for safety and data security.

When all these factors are in place, the service can be tallied to add up to being a recommendable one.

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