Google Launches New Cloud Based App For Businesses

Finally after a lot of speculation and a lot of small talk on different forums on the Internet, Google has come up with Google Apps for businesses. This has marked the end of those idle days of sitting on the fence and closely monitoring the activities of cloud computing service providers without knowing for sure which service provider would be able to offer you a rock solid security foundation for your business - Google Apps from Google is here and your business would now have exceptional data security round-the-clock throughout the year - including “leap years”, according to the Google Apps page on Google’s website. Google Apps comes back with a lot of different security features that are going to make sure that your and your clients’ data are always going to stay in a close-knit security mesh that would never be possible if you keep your data in your own premises.

The much-needed backup solution is finally here:

Accidents are accidents because you don’t see them coming, but the wreckage left behind by them almost always have no place for your essential data and leave you having sleepless nights over how to reacquire the lost data; Google Apps offers a simple and effective backup solution that can keep your business in competition even in the event of unforeseen accidents such as hardware crashes or thefts and burglaries. Even if you lose your data on your local machines, you would be able to have access to them right away from the backup folders in Google Apps.

You don’t lose the leash:

When you sign up for Google Apps, the contract very much has it that the ownership of your data would like you and Google Apps is just going to be a bigger and safer home away from home. Yes, managing data on Google Apps is just like managing data on your personal machines and he would be able to keep track of users and all data via interactive dashboards.

Immunity against natural disasters:

Now, who would give you that? Of course Google Apps! The no-frills data centers at Google are not just bells and whistles - as a matter of fact they are just the contrary. The data centers are designed and built only for Google Apps and there is no unnecessary software or hardware and that significantly reduces exploitable vulnerabilities. Google guarantees 99.9% uptime and your data will not be lost even when there are natural disasters.

Rock solid encryption and authentication:

The biggest problem with storing data on remote servers is security; Google seems to have done a decent job towards figuring out a solution - Google Apps offers an extra layer of security and your data is protected by a two factor authentication method that prevents them from being accessible to hackers trying to break into your data by stealing usernames and passwords. There is also an encryption method in place that encrypts all data when it travels from your browser to Google’s servers and thus keeps it safe and secure at all times.

Innovation is the name of the game:

We are not privy to the innovation capabilities of Google and this time also with Google Apps, Google has a bunch of thought leaders in its team who are continuously monitoring the network data centers and continuously researching on how to make things even better for them and for your business.

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