[UPDATE] Top 8 Cloud Computing Certification for Beginners

Cloud Computing CertificationClouds are here and will loom larger and higher on the horizon in the future. As matters stand there is a shortage of cloud professionals and the shortage is likely to rise as more enterprises adapt cloud solutions such as software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service solutions.

If you are considering a career in IT, take a look at the cloud. All clouds have a silver lining at the moment and it pays to get started early and in the right direction to be assured of a set, paying career.

As a beginner you can evaluate these cloud computing certifications:

VMWare Cloud Computing Certifications

VMWare is an established player in the cloud computing market with a focus on virtualization. It offers VMWare Certified Professional in data center virtualization and VMWare certified advanced professional programs. Start with the basics and proceed on a highly promising path. You Can Found More About this Courses here.

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Certification

A certification from CSA has value when you apply for a job. If security is what interests you, go for the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge course, a stepping stone to becoming an expert in security, a major issue of concern in cloud technologies. You Can Found More About this Courses here

Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce is a premier cloud computing services provider and offers industry recognized certifications. You could start with Salesforce Certified Developer program and eventually progress to the advanced certification program. Salesforce also offers sales cloud consultant, service cloud consultant, technical architect and administrators programs of which you can chose any or even study all. You Can Found More About this Courses here

Rackspace Certification

Rackspace is a reputed name in cloud technologies and offers the best certification program on cloud computing fundamentals. It is the best starting point to become a cloud professional and is even useful for business executives. You Can Found More About this Courses here

Google Apps Certification:-

Google offers courses that help you become a certified deployment specialist, their certification covering fundamentals of Google apps for business. Simple and easy, letting you get your feet wet in the clouds. You Can Found More About this Courses here

Amazon AWS Certification: - With Amazon AWS cloud certification offers best practices for Creating Safe and reliable cloud-based applications using Amazon Web Services Technology. There is huge number of companies using AWS and are looking for expertise on AWS Technology. You Can Found More About this Courses here


Cloud Computing Certification from Red Hat

Red Hat offers this certification leading to your becoming a certified virtualization administrator, a promising career avenue where you can get a job in a short time. You Can Found More About this Courses here

IBM Cloud Certifications

As a leading light in cloud computing, IBM offers specialized courses for beginners and professionals. You can focus exclusively on IBM training and certification in becoming a certified solution advisor in Cloud computing architecture, cloud computing certified solution architect and service management expert in cloud infrastructure. Start with IBM basics in virtualization, websphere, cloudburst, TSAM and ISDM. You Can Found More About this Courses here

Be aware that IBM courses focus exclusively on IBM products and offerings and you would be tied down to that environment. VMWare’s courses require that you have knowledge of networking and other computer knowledge. It is not for absolute beginners but if you take the trouble to learn these and take on VMware, a promising career awaits. A highly recommended course is that offered by Rackspace based on open source technologies. Whether you choose to proceed along the software development path or hardware path in cloud computing, there are courses available from the best, certifications globally recognized, which will get you started on your career.

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