Two Best Cloud Computing Certification Courses You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

As cloud deployment and utilization grows, so does the need for qualified personnel. If you are looking for a career in IT, you could follow different paths to success. Cloud computing certification gets you access to a number of high paying jobs.

You will find a number of certification courses from the likes of IBM, 3Tera, Rackspace, VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, Sales Force, Cloud Security Alliance and Cisco to name a few. One cannot say which is the best cloud computing certification for you since each focuses on different aspects such hardware, business and security.  We will come back to the popular and established best cloud computing certification courses later.


AWS Certification

At present, the latest on the scene is the AWS certification program from Amazon Web Services. The certification aims to train candidates to be thoroughly familiar with best AWS practices and have competencies to maintain applications and services on the AWS cloud.Candidates must appear for an exam and, on approval, enroll for the AWS training. AWS plans to deploy training in more than 100 countries and to establish 750 testing locations. There other cloud certification programs in the offing such as Systems Operation Administrators and Developers Programs.

Here is how AWS Certification is of help:

  • The AWS Certification is of help to organizations as it can identify IT staff with skills and knowledge to build and maintain solutions on AWS cloud.
  • The certification tests level of IT skills as regards knowledge to ensure it complies to AWS best practices.
  • AWS certified professionals get a better chance within the AWS partner network as regards jobs and pay. AWS also helps technical experts to develop, certify and advertise their expertise in this area.

Since it is new and comes from Amazon, you can expect the certification program to be comprehensive and to cover the latest technologies and topics.

IBM Cloud Certification

However, if you are looking for the best cloud computing certification, you must consider IBM. IBM cloud computing certifications are accepted globally. The IBM cloud certification has two paths. One is Cloud Computing Adviser and another is Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect.

Cloud Computing Adviser:  You can opt to go in for IBM certified solutions advertiser-cloud computing architecture V1 or IBM certified solutions adviser cloud computing architecture V2. These two call for conceptual as well as practical knowledge of cloud computing architecture and design principles. Students learn this and become proficient in mapping customers’ needs to IBM offerings.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure: You learn to design detailed solutions based on IBM cloud computing infrastructure according to a client’s needs.

Students have to pass one or more of these exams:

Test  000-281, Foundation of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V2 in order to be certified as an IBM certified solution advisor.

Test 000-032, Foundation of Cloud Computing Architecture V1 gets you certification as an IBM certified solution advisor, cloud computing architecture V1. There are 48 questions and you must score at least 66%.

Test 000-280, IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1 for certification as IBM certified solution architect, cloud computing infrastructure V1. Prometrics arranges for exams and the charge for each is around Rs. 5000. Training costs are not included.

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