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Big Data Marketer

How is Big Data impacting marketers?

Marketing is all about people: knowing them, their needs and then matching their expectations. Big data has changed the way marketers initiate campaigns. Instead of basing approaches ...
Big Data Analytics

Implementing Big Data Analytics? Tools That Make It Possible

With the bid to stay ahead in the competitive market, becoming stronger by the day, being technologically updated in every way has become quite prominent. And in this context, managing ...
Challenges and Opportunities With Big Data

Challenges and Opportunities With Big Data

Big Data is proving to be transformational in every aspect of our lives and may well govern decision making at all levels: in government, business and society. According to surveys ...
Big Data Books

Books That Will Help You Get Started in Big Data

Big data is now and the future. Wherever you turn, there is a virtual deluge of big data that has led to the evolution of new technologies such as Hadoop, HDFC, Mapreduce and others. ...
Big Data Infographic

Big Data Infographic: Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

Data continues to increase as we move toward the 21st century. It is important to understand the concept of Big Data and how it can impact your infrastructure / business. View Infographic ...
Big Data Companies

Top 5 Most Important Companies in Big Data

Data is everywhere, streaming in a tremendous flow that has necessitated the rise of specific solutions and technology to handle it. Big data is the term coined by IT folks for this ...
BIG DATA infographic

Bigger Opportunities With Big data Infographic

Big data analytics

5 Things about Big Data which you don’t want to miss

Big Data is everywhere; it is growing fast and is the next big thing touching everyone’s lives. Big data can be defined as huge amount of structured and unstructured data from a variety ...
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