Best Online Cloud Storage Services For Small Businesses

It is because of the services of Box and several other cloud computing service providers that we have taken for granted that we can keep our files in sync across different machines and the backup files would also be created and saved in the cloud servers automatically. But, the situation becomes really difficult when you have to share a file with a particular group of people and there is some kind of security system so that everybody in your group is not able to access the contents of the file. Then also there is the problem of easy synchronization from different platforms onto the cloud server and also the file permission controls related to different kinds of files. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best online storage services or medium and small sized businesses. The basic idea is not to give you an absolute name (though we are going to do that), but to give you an idea on the kind of things that you need to look for when buying cloud computing services for your business

Desktop applications - This is one very important aspect that you need to consider before purchasing a particular kind of cloud computing service. Most of the service providers would allow you to manage your files and folders through a simple desktop application installed across different machines. The desktop applications need to be user-friendly, but they need to be rock solid as far as security is concerned. You don’t want anybody and everybody who has access to your systems to be able to access all material stored on cloud servers. So, some kind of security firewall is very much essential and it needs to be absolutely foolproof.

Sharing and syncing - Cloud computing is not only about storage solutions but also about the ability to share and sync data according to personal preferences. So, the cloud computing service provider needs to be able to all for you sharing and syncing solutions that allow you to sync all your data across different platforms easily onto the cloud server, but also allow you to share specific data with a specific group of people without you having to worry about security issues. A particular group of people should be able to use a predefined segment of the information stored on cloud computers and the rest of it should remain inaccessible. At the end of the day it is about flexibility and ease-of-use, so you should really be picky at times.

Pricing and storage - These are the most basic things that you need to check out. You don’t want to buy an overpriced plan, but you don’t want to compromise on storage facilities either. There are some of them that offer unlimited storage and the pricing is decent as well, but you need to be hundred percent sure that there would not be any security issues. There are also some of them that offer advanced solutions apart from the basic storage and sharing services, but then they are overpriced. Considering all the above factors, JustCloud could be a good option for medium and small sized businesses.

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