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We all know that green IT can only be built with cloud technology. It is common sense. Fewer physical servers means less energy, means green. Right? Not exactly. But a common assumption, even in the green IT community, is that cloud computing is the only way to achieve green IT. This is, at least on [...]

Cloud computing offers a solution to universities, research laboratories, the military, and the government agencies which utilize supercomputers to do complex jobs like securing the nation, searching for solutions to medical dilemmas, and analyzing the effects of climate change. It is capable of making billions and trillions of computations per second. Through cloud computing, users [...]

Dell has announced the introduction of an open source cloud computing solution to Europe, including the UK, and also China. The Open Stack powered cloud will be aimed at service providers and enterprise users. The platform will run on Ubuntu, as opposed to cloud solutions based on proprietary, licensed software, and Dell says that it [...]

Cloud computing may be taking the business world by storm, but its success could mean a “perfect storm” that endangers the role of IT. IT needs to step up now and change its approach to cloud services. This includes building trust with the lines of business, beginning to manage public cloud services, and pursuing increased [...]

Depending on which survey or story you read, the cloud can be either a good thing for IT workers and their job security, or it can be terrifying. For example, a study by Microsoft and IDC recently predicted that cloud computing will create 14 million jobs internationally by 2015. But those aren’t just IT jobs, [...]

The Business Software Alliance (BSA)  released a report  that stated cloud computing will be restrained in the European region. This is as the European Union (EU) data protection laws threaten to curtail the cloud once it is approved. European commissioner for Justice Viviane Reding authored the proposed data protection law and was criticized for it. [...]

After years of rumors about cloud computing going mainstream around the world, the cloud computing boom is now finally here. The National Inflation Association believes that by the year 2013, cloud computing could become a bigger boom on Wall Street than thedot-com boom was in the year 2000. Cloud computing is currently a $74 billion [...]

Of all the reasons to consider cloud computing — lowered capital expenses from not purchasing new computers, predictable cost of maintenance through the pay-by-the-drink model, the ability to quickly scale up processing capacity, ease of setting new employees up with computers — you rarely hear anyone say it will create new jobs. If anything, logic [...]