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Cloud computing is basically a system that allows all your computers and mobile devices to remain in sync with each other and that in turn allows you to access all your personal data in real-time at the click of a button. This technology is comparatively new and is still in its developmental stages, but it [...]

Before we take a look at it is that disadvantages of cloud computing, it is very important for you to understand what cloud computing is all about. Cloud computing is basically a system where in all your computers and personal data devices are synced together so that any and all information is available at all [...]

For all the innovations transforming the healthcare industry, one area where it remains almost universally behind the times is in the use of information technology. Many healthcare systems are built on analogue workflows that consist of paper-based medical records, handwritten notes, duplicated test results, non-digitized images and fragmented IT systems. As a result, information remains [...], which dropped prices on its internet-based cloud-computing service this month, says it will keep cutting when it can, putting pressure on competitors such as Microsoft. Customers of Amazon’s EC2 service, which lets clients run their programs on the online retailer’s server computers, saw price cuts of as much as 37 per cent on March [...]

The number of job postings in the cloud computing industry is growing so rapidly that there aren’t enough qualified workers available to fill the positions, according to an analysis of hiring trends by Wanted Analytics. There were 5,000 jobs posted online related to cloud technology, a 92 percent increase from the same month last year [...]