Cloud computing is basically a system that allows all your computers and mobile devices to remain in sync with each other and that in turn allows you to access all your personal data in real-time at the click of a button. This technology is comparatively new and is still in its developmental stages, but it already looks promising and in the near foreseeable future it is definitely going to change the way people do business on the Internet. To understand the situation better, you can take the example of Gmail and Google docs. If you have an android device that is synced with your computer, you can access all your e-mail contacts and telephone contacts on one platform just at the click of a button. This holds true for Google docs also. That is what cloud computing is all about and it has already started transforming the way people surf the Internet and communicate with each other on social networking websites, newsrooms and paid communities. However, we don’t think of cloud computing in terms of advanced technology - it is more like having all your personal data stored at the back of your mind and you can access anything and everything in real-time whenever you want.

There are a lot of different cloud computing providers out there and a good provider would be able to offer you more than synced data - it is not only about the ability to put all your data in a cluster, but it is also about the ability to access precise information without compromising the security of the entire cloud and also the ability to share precise data on online platforms such as social networking websites, blogs and banks etc. Cloud computing is not about diversification - it is more about conglomeration of all your personal data that includes everything from your address book entries to your favorite music. Of course, it is you who gets to decide what you want to show to the public and what you want to keep private, but a good cloud computing platform would offer you the flexibility of sharing specific clusters with a specific group of people and would also have enhanced security settings - something more robust and solid than Facebook for example.

As mentioned earlier, cloud computing is still in its nascent stage and a lot of developmental work still needs to go into it - the biggest concern that we now have is privacy and security. When cloud computing hits the critical mass, people should be able to access all data on an online platform of choice and should also be able to share specific data with specific groups of people, without having to worry about someone hacking into password-protected data. A lot of research is being done on this subject and in the near future cloud computing is definitely going to change the way people communicate with each other and store data online. Going by the current trends, cloud computing would also be able to intuit your preferences and actions and provide you with everything you need without you having to ask for it!