Cloud computing is definitely poised to change the way people do business and communicate over the Internet. It is considered to be the next big revolution in the information technology industry. So, it goes without mention that if you are a certified and trained cloud computing professional, you would have a high demand in the job market and since this is an emerging field, you would also get to learn a lot. Here’s a list of the top cloud computing certification and training companies across the globe

  • 3Tera Cloud Certifications - This is one of the first companies to start a cloud computing certification and training course and they basically offer two different types of courses. The first one is aimed at training professionals for front-end cloud computing applications and the second one is for professionals who want to become a certified cloud architect. The second program is more in demand because it is aimed at creating system architects and application developers that can develop and deploy cloud computing frameworks and architectures in organizations.
  • IBM Cloud Academy - The course provided by IBM is aimed at training professionals so they can use cloud computing platforms in the real world. This course is mostly sought after by nationals working in the education industry because this course drastically helps to reduce the barriers of teaching students new subjects.
  • Cloud Security Alliance - The course offered by this company is comparatively new, but is very much sought after because this is one of the very few horses that offers professionals training and knowledge about the security issues clouding cloud computing. It would be pertinent to mention here that the very reason why cloud computing has yet to become a hot sellout is because of the security issues associated with it. It is very difficult for business owners who trust third parties with their data because in many cases it has been seen that significant data gets lost during upgrades and a transfer from one service provider to another. The modern systems have password-protected platforms, but then we do get to hear horror stories about hackers breaking into such platforms and corrupting data. So, a course in cloud computing security is definitely going to equip you with the knowledge required to develop better security solutions and also understand the current scenario.
  • Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator - Red Hat has always been known for certification courses for IT professionals and now they have come up with certification courses for the development of IT professionals who are Microsoft certified and Cisco certified system administrators. This is a highly sought after course and a bit difficult to get into, but it’s definitely worth it because Red Hat certified virtualization administrators receive extensive hands-on training on open source Linux solutions and have a thorough know-how of cloud computing security systems.

As more and more people get inclined towards cloud computing, the demand for cloud computing certified professionals is going to rise and this is the right time to get enrolled in certificate courses in cloud computing.