If you are a bit skeptical about the future of cloud computing in India, you need to be acquainted with the fact that India has the highest rate of adoption for mobile phones. That is basically one of the reasons why the larger players in the market have come to the country and have started offering competitive usage based price structures. Now, if that is something to go by, India has an excellent future as far as cloud computing is concerned. Before we take a look at why we think that India has an excellent future as far as cloud computing is concerned, we should first take a look at what cloud computing is all about.

Cloud computing is nothing more than integration off all your personal data into one platform so you can easily access, retrieve and share specific information with specific groups of people without having to worry about data loss and the large amount of space required for storage of huge data. This is totally web-based and almost all companies offering cloud computing services offer pay-as-you-go services so you don’t pay for anything extra.

Now, the very reason why we think that India has an excellent future as far as cloud computing is concerned is because India is one of those few countries that always had very limited access to resources that enable people to embrace innovation. So, infrastructure has always been a problem for the country. With cloud computing in place, people would not have to worry about the investment associated with expensive hardware and software required for storage and maintenance of data and that would simply mean the research and development needs of the country can be easily met through the inexpensive solutions offered by cloud computing.

It goes without mention that India has one of the best and biggest information technology markets and is cloud computing is embraced easily, there would be tremendous scope for the IT companies and the applications and platforms developed by these companies could be easily accessed and used by the small companies dotting the country. So, in a late cloud computing is actually going to create a positive impact on the Indian economy in the near future.

The education system is definitely going to improve because the schools, colleges and universities would be able to spend more time on research and development rather than worrying about the resources required for such things. Apart from the education sector, the small-business and medium business segment is also going to get benefited immensely. We can almost certainly say that in the near future (with the help of cloud computing), we would be able to see more entrepreneurs starting global businesses without having to worry about the huge costs involved with data maintains and storage. These expectations are absolutely practical because we are already accustomed to use electricity, mobile phones, drinking water and several other things that have pay as you go pricing structures, quite similar to cloud computing. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.