Before we take a look at it is that disadvantages of cloud computing, it is very important for you to understand what cloud computing is all about. Cloud computing is basically a system where in all your computers and personal data devices are synced together so that any and all information is available at all times at the click of a button. There are a lot of different companies offering cloud computing services and a lot of people are involved with ongoing research in this matter, but there are a couple of disadvantages that have already surfaced up and you need to think twice before opting for cloud computing.

cloud computing Disadvantages

Security and privacy – It might be comfortable for users to be able to access all kinds of data at the click of a button, but you need to understand that by opting for cloud computing services, you are actually handing over your data to a third-party to let them organize it for you. This is of even greater concern if you have a lot of sensitive information stored on cloud servers. It is true that most companies providing computing services take appropriate measures to ensure the security and safety of all data on their customers, but in the online arena, you can never rule out the possibility of your data getting infected by viruses and malware, especially because such servers are being accessed by a lot of different people from across the globe. To make sure that the data on their customers remain protected at all times, major cloud computing companies have developed password protected accounts, but then at the end of the day we do get to hear horror stories about passwords being hacked by super hackers - so, it all boils down to the reputation of the cloud computing company and any breach in security might result in loss of your business.

Cost - Cloud computing definitely has its own share of advantages, but cost is almost always a major concern. The data centers of the cloud computing provider needs to have expensive software to keep the cloud running and also need to shell out a lot of money for maintenance of the machines to prevent unforeseen problems and this makes initial cloud offers more expensive. You need to understand that cloud computing is still in its developmental stages and it is very common for business owners to face problems with a particular cloud computing provider making them want to shift to another provider; now that is not as easy as it sounds - you have to deal with a lot of issues when trying to shift from one cloud computing provider to another and that also involves significant expenditure.

Decreased flexibility - This is more often a temporary problem, but it’s a problem nevertheless. Since some of cloud computing technologies are still in developmental stages, it is almost always impossible to get the flexibility that is promised by the provider. For example, it is almost always impossible to prevent data loss when upgrading cloud computing servers.