The popular computer and computing services producer HP has decided to foray in the cloud computing scenario. According to a recent report from the New York Times, the cloud computing service that HP is planning to roll out in just a couple of months is going to give the popular cloud computing service provider Amazon a run for its money. However, the company senior vice president and general manager has been quoted saying that they are not just trying to make and entry in the cloud computing scenario - they are actually planning to offer a platform layer that would consist of a handful of third party services.

HP has always been a leader in the computer arena and they also hold a significant share of the hosting and server market across the globe. There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not HP was really coming out with cloud hosting services and the news from the New York Times has confirmed that. Now, we are not yet sure about the exact services that the company is planning to roll out, we can almost certainly say that the cloud computing services from HP are going to be diverse and would be aimed at grabbing the customer share of Amazon and Google. Going by the current trends, every cloud computing service provider out there would charge you a hefty amount to begin with and then the prices gradually taper off. There is good reason behind this also - the initial investment for a cloud computing service provider is pretty high because of the expensive software involved and also because of the need to rewire the machinery to eliminate any possible problems in the future. After the initial setup has been done, very little investments are required and hence most cloud computing service providers are able to offer cheaper prices to long-term customers. It is true that cloud computing is still in its developmental stages, there are already a lot of different companies offering such services and the field has already become very much competitive. However, according to the Athenian of the senior vice president and general manager of HP cloud computing services, the company is not exactly planning on rolling out a dime-a-dozen cloud computing services. The services are definitely going to be diverse and anything but cheap.

The company has not exactly given out an exact date for the launch of cloud computing services, but they are planning to do it within the next two months and there is already a lot of speculation about the kind of services that they are going to offer and also the kind of prices that are going to be charged. One thing is for sure - the monopoly market of Amazon and Google is definitely going to get inclined towards new and innovative service providers such as HP and many others working on such projects.