There are a lot of people out there who live with the misconception that cloud computing is all about job eliminations. However, in reality cloud computing is supposed to be creating more than 14 million jobs across the globe by the year 2015. Recently a study was conducted by the Microsoft Corporation and international data Corporation and according to the study, by the year 2015, a total of 14 million jobs would be created by cloud computing alone and India would have a share of 2 million jobs. Now, there is something that you need to understand very clearly about cloud computing - unlike popular belief that cloud computing is here to eliminate jobs, it is actually going to create employment because this is something that allows users the ability to access all personal information through one platform and never worry about privacy issues and high prices.

This has already started transforming businesses across the globe and as more and more research and development happens in this arena, more and more companies are going to embrace cloud computing and that is definitely going to create more jobs. As more and more companies embrace cloud computing, there would be a dearth of professionals who have the required training in cloud computing and would be able to easily manage the virtual servers and its different aspects for clients across the globe.

India has always been known to be a major player as far as the service industry is concerned and if cloud computing gets its due share of acceptance, India is definitely going to emerge as a major player in the cloud computing service segment. There will be a requirement of professionals who can handle security issues related to cloud computing and data management along with the requirement for front office staff who will be able to take care of deployment of different applications. The biggest advantage that cloud computing is that it allows you to save costs associated with expensive hardware and software, because you just pay for the resources that you use and everything is available online; so, it can be easily say that this is going to inspire many entrepreneurs who start new businesses and that simply means that the economy of the country is going to improve along with the job market.

Even in India, a lot of companies have already embraced cloud computing and are continuously striving to have a robust IT department that would be able to take care of all company data and cloud computing management without compromising security and business. If more research and development happens in the cloud computing arena, the prices of such services are definitely going to come down and more and more businesses are going to realize its true potential; that could simply mean one thing - more employment opportunities across the country. A lot of companies have also started offering certificate courses in cloud computing management and that is also going to impact the job market positively.