Benefits of platform as a service (PaaS) for Business in cloud

In this times where cutting and cost saving have become the norm, any new opportunity to save cost is always welcomed. PaaS , a cloud computing service through the businesses can save millions.

PaaS provides all the tools and infrastructure required for development, deployment, integration and maintenance of applications on a pay for use basis. The businesses need not buy any special software or set up; they can access this service through the web browser. Businesses can design and deploy any kind of application business, social or enterprise level using PaaS. They wouldn’t have the right to control or manage the cloud infrastructure yet they can use networks, servers, operating systems, storage and all the programming tools & application. Thus PaaS provides a platform to build, test and deploy applications in the same kind of IT environment that would be available if it were done in the traditional model without using cloud computing. The best aspect is that users need not download or install these in their systems. They can use them through the simple web browser.

PaaS Business benefits

Save Up Front Cost: Platform as a Service brings about savings in development, deployment and hosting of applications. They save on the capital cost that would have been otherwise incurred in buying computing, storage, database, middle ware  security and internet working devices. Renting these services makes it a lot more cost effective for them.

No maintenance cost: the development platform is provided and managed by the cloud service provider. Therefore for the businesses, the yearly maintenance and adhoc charges of the IT infrastructure that would come up usually are close to zero.

Most reliable: cloud computing PaaS model brings up lot of reliability in terms of availability of resources. In the event of server crashing, hardware problems or other issues, moving on with work is very easy and therefore no interruption to work.

 Monitoring and maintaining development resources: PaaS takes care of monitoring the resources used by its clients. They take care of updation, renewing the licences, installing patch, drivers etc. Essentially the business users would always get the latest and update platform to work on. Therefore, they don’t have to work on investing in updating and maintained of the development platform.

Competitive advantage: The scalability feature of PaaS gives a competitive advantage to all its users. Businesses can easily offer any new technology to its clients without bothering about procuring and installing it. Even if the business feels they wouldn’t need technology beyond given client, yet they could embark on the project and do the job. They would need to subscribe to given technology for as long as required. Thus the turn around time quicker as compared to traditional data centric models of development and cheap too. Also, the business would be able to satisfy the client’s needs effectively without incurring huge cost burden.

Less Risk: The capital investment on the IT infrastructure would be very low with cloud computing. They don’t have to bother about setting up high powered networks and servers to connect with all the users. All they need is a web browser and pay only for they need.

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  1. oliver stark says:

    last but not least: PaaS saves time for developers. Time they can spend on the product. Time = Money

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