The Impact Of Cloud Computing On The Gaming Industry

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The early days of gaming when people played Pac-man, Warcraft games, etc, have now gone. Video game companies now offer games with state of the art impeccable graphics and wide-ranging storylines They also offer a plethora of diverse playing options.

Nowadays, gaming consoles are able to recognize the movements of the player sitting at the gaming console for using them in the game. Games are increasingly moving away from the linear playing styles that they offered some time ago.

Today, they are offering better choices to the players on how they would like to approach the game.

Cloud gaming is a relatively recent development in the online gaming world. A great deal has been written about how cloud gaming would influence the video game industry. But, not many people understand what is cloud gaming and what are the potential advantages and disadvantages of cloud gaming. It will virtually change the way we play video games.

To put it plainly, cloud gaming is an online gaming application that utilizes cloud hosting in order to work. A couple of years back, you may have been playing a lot of online games whether they are multi-player games or solo games, using the internet application and a physical copy of the online game.

But, with the advent of the cloud, the whole gaming concept has now changed. The whole application can now be stored on third-party servers hosted at a remote location and occupying no space. Also, you will not need to physically own the game in order to enjoy playing it. Now, to play the game the only two things one needs is an internet connection and a cloud service that will have the game stored on its cloud server.

The games are now directly streamed onto your computer, tablet or console and the powerful servers used by the cloud gaming provider will carry out all the processing required in the game. The cloud will become the mediator between the commands given by you through your console and the gaming provider based on the internet.

The commands given by you will now go to the cloud and from there they will be transmitted to the online gaming provider. This can be compared to the video-on-demand services on offer such as 4oD or iPlayer. The most important thing is that now in order to play the game you do not need to own a physical copy of the game.

Cloud gaming gives you speed, does away with having to download the game on your computers. This reduces the need for using computers with high memory capacities for gaming. Your computers do not need to be state of the art in order to use them for online gaming. The cloud servers will provide those features for you. This will also reduce the cost of playing the game as you will no longer need to splurge on expensive equipment in order to be able to play the game. Online gaming packages available over the internet will do the trick.

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