Things To Consider Before Go In For Cheapest Cloud Computing

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The term Cloud Computing is interpreted as on-demand computing resources available over the internet on a pay-as-you-go model. Cloud computing covers software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service with other narrow categories also available on this platform. The advantage of cloud computing is to pay for use, which is ideal for start-ups and those with small budgets.

Resources are flexible and scalable which means you do not invest, the cloud service providers scale up services on demand. In most cases, users have access to a control panel for customizing settings and can manage a variety of services through a simple web interface rather than proprietary user interfaces. Yet another advantage is that apps can function on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, adapting to each device’s hardware capabilities.

You will find leading names such as Amazon, Rackspace and Google offering cloud computing services as also other, not so well known companies offering the cheapest cloud computing services. In theory cloud computing services are very nearly the same but it is the quality of service, reliability, security, range of services, customer support and availability that differentiate between the better and poor ones.

You may start with the cheapest cloud computing services but you are not likely to stay with it if you face issues. On the other hand, for those with minimal requirements, the cheapest cloud computing often proves the best.

Consider These Before You Switch To Even The Cheapest Cloud Computing:

  • Connectivity and downtime: Cloud computing depends entirely on the reliability and speed of your internet connection and that of the cloud computing service provider. Should the lines be down at either end, you remain deprived of services. It is more critical for the cloud service provider to be always online and prevent server outages.
  • Security concerns: If your data is precious and critical, choosing the cheapest cloud computing service provider may not assure the security level needed, the redundancy, safety and availability. A larger, better cloud service provider is a safer option with built-in redundancies and a highly encrypted security pipeline.
  • Lock-in: Rather than being an open environment, some cloud services have proprietary applications that lock you in and prevent you from accessing data or documents on another platform. If you are looking at the cheapest cloud computing service provider, this aspect needs consideration.
  • Support: Customer service should be a prime consideration and the cheapest cloud computing service provider may not have adequate phone, online or web-based support available since maintaining such support services is expensive.
  • Costs: It may be easy to ignore the running costs since you part with only a small amount each month. However, when looking at even the cheapest cloud computing services, it is worth the effort to consider if they are offering you all the features and software you want within that cost or are there extras involved?

Clouds are the present and the future and inevitably you may have to shift some part of your operations to that platform. The cheapest may not always be the best unless your needs are simple and basic and even then you always have to keep evolution in mind.

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