Top 7 Benefits for start-up to Moving on to cloud System

Imagine you have started a new setup and have bought new computers for all your staffs. Traditionally, you would have to load all the systems with relevant software. This is an expensive and long drawn affair as software licenses are cost a lot, installation and set up is a time consuming process and maintenance contracts also eat up quite a chunk of the capital.

Instead of going through these hassles, entrepreneurs these days are adopting the cloud computing which would help to save on money and time too. With Cloud computing you don’t have to invest on purchasing software licenses or maintenance contracts or even high tech machines.

Cloud computing is very simple. You just need to load one application suite that will host all the relevant software. Each user would have to login to the application to gain access to the authorized software. These
applications will be run and maintained by a remote company. You need to pay to the remote company for the services provided by them. This would be much lesser than setting and maintaining the IT infrastructure in house.

Importance of Cloud Technology

In could computing system, there is considerable amount of work load shift. Instead of local computer, the network computers on the cloud system will do the processing. The job of user end (local) computer is to run the application of the cloud computing which as simple as using a web browser. This dramatically decreases the hardware and software requirements at the user end.

Example of cloud computing

A simple example of cloud computing would be mailing sites like yahoo mail, Gmail, Rediffmail. Here you log into the mail application, check and send mails and log out. The mail system doesn’t rest on your computer but is maintained remotely somewhere else. This is how the desktop applications also work on cloud computing.

Why does everybody want to switch over to cloud computing?

Lower cost: Hardware and software requirements drop down drastically with cloud computing. Thus the money spent on acquiring technology will reduce

Flexibility: Since the cloud apps can be connected remotely. Workers have the flexibility of working out of office too.

Increase in data security: Since the data is maintained on a remote system, the chances of hacking are limited.

Reduces resource wastage: Cloud computing results in better resource utilization there by promoting clean technology and green technology

Reliability and scalability: These are one of the major reasons for the companies to shift to cloud computing

Device independence: Cloud computing supports all devices like laptops, desktops, tablet and so on.

Sharing of resources: With cloud computing, you could share the same resources among many users.

Thus it improves efficiencies and cost savings in terms of performance, load balancing, and locations.These conveniences of cloud computing has encouraged many businesses to switch over to the cloud.

Technology and they have had no regrets at all.

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