Top 5 Cloud Computing Books to Learn From

Cloud computing is the new technology on the block. According to recent Gartner survey cloud computing investment hike by 100% in 2016.still cloud computing is a mystery for many people around the globe.Although a lot of books have been written and are being written on the topic, there are a few books that actually help you learn about cloud computing in depth.

So here is the List of top 5 Cloud Computing Books which are actually helpful for you.


1)  Cloud computing bible by Barrie Sosinsky is actually a bible for the subject. It presents the technologies, protocols, platforms and infrastructure that make cloud computing possible and desirable. The book is an elaborate compendium of all that cloud computing covers such that it helps him decide whether cloud computing is good for him or not.

2) Cloud Computing for Dummies: another book, which really lays bare all the intricacies of cloud computing is Cloud Computing for Dummies by Halper Fern, Kaufman Marcia, Bloor Robin and Hurwitz Judith. This book starts by debunking cloud computing and then goes on to give a clear definition of the concept from the utility stand point. Later, it moves into giving practical tips on how to deliver and manage cloud computing services effectively and efficiently. This book is a valuable tool for IT managers and staffs who wish to select a service and get it up and running. As if that is not enough, this book also addresses security concerns related to the concept.

3)  Cloud Computing A Practical Approach: by Anthony T. Velte, looks at new models of providing IT services. This book seeks to offer a practical approach towards a review of the new paradigm of internet intensive applications and services. The guide begins with a simple introduction of cloud computing and then goes on to explain currently available solutions and how organizations can benefit from their usage. This book also includes write-ups on important topics like infrastructure platforms, services standards and storage solutions. Within its three sections, it seeks to cover everything it can about cloud computing.

4) Cloud Computing-Insights into New Era Infrastructure by Dr. Kumar Saurabh fulfills a very important role of helping understand cloud computing, dynamic infrastructure and virtualization, which are used within every function in a broad range of business and markets. Cloud computing has brought about a new approach in the way corporations function and the way the human role in each of them has developed. The book very simply and lucidly, tells us whatever we need to know about successful cloud computing architecture, technical management and infrastructure utility. The book stresses on achieving real world goals using the virtual world of cloud computing.

5) Cloud Computing-Automating the Virtualized Data Centre Another book, Cloud Computing-Automating the Virtualized Data Center by Venkata Josyula, Malcolm Orr, Greg Page is a book stressing the fact that cloud computing will actually overturn the whole IT industry. It goes on to explain how that will occur. It also describes how service providers and customers of cloud computing can derive great benefits from it. It lays bare the method which can be employed to plan, implement and manage cloud solution architectures for tomorrow’s virtual data centers   It is a book for both cloud computing newbie’s and experienced professionals. It is a strong commentary in favor of embracing cloud computing.

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