Overview: Cloud Computing Performance in 2012

Cloud computing is a technology of the future and therefore it is necessary to know its status in the year 2012. This article gives you an in-depth view about cloud computing in the year 2012. There are many things one needs to know about the cloud before one can develop it for various applications. One also needs to understand how it works before one can explore job opportunities in the field. The trend in the clouds technology and its opportunities are now creating new waves in today’s business environment. We need to find out how cloud computing will affect the data center and its working.

Research has shown that the Indian cloud market is likely to grow by 70% in the year 2012. Indian cloud market overview released by IDC, has predicted that the cloud market would grow by 50% in the next three years. The Indian cloud market was estimated to be around 535mn in the year 2011. This is expected to grow by 70% in the year 2012. The report further goes on to lay down the potential and major trends that the market is showing when embracing cloud computing. The market is now on a maturing path and many new entrants are entering the scene to provide a broad range of services.

Some of them are playing key roles in the crowded cloud computing ecosystem. As public cloud still lags behind private clouds, due to a number of factors, a number of organizations are going ahead and are establishing such private clouds for their own organizational uses for example Amazon cloud computing . Although, 2012 to date has been a bleak year, organizations are still trying to find out new ways and means of working such that they can increase their efficiency and profitability. Many of them are moving into leadership spots with their mature business models and operational efficiencies.

Organizations are increasingly trying to find out ways of increasing operational efficiency and organizational profitability by finding out new technologies and applications for their business requirements. They are trying to make IT a strategic tool of their business model such that it ensures their productivity and profitability. Cloud models being more flexible are giving them this opportunity with their inherent capabilities. The use of cloud computing has reached and crossed the inflexion point in the year 2011 and with proper messaging from the key vendors and due diligence of opportunities existing in the cloud delivery models, the market is likely to grow faster in 2012.

But in order for this to happen an alliance with the key channels and better enablement will further intensify the growth for major cloud providers such that we will gradually witness even core applications moving to the cloud. But for that to happen, users have to be more open minded when viewing security and safety concerns with the cloud networks. They need to strengthen their understanding of their own businesses and come up with apt value propositions which will enhance their productivity and profitability when implementing the cloud.

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