Google Drive Revamped, Now Includes Document Scan Feature

Google Drive UpdateDrive for Android has received surgery. Google now includes document scan feature and updates that make it easy for users to store and access files when mobile. Notable improvement is a simplified user interface where you can see files displayed in a grid view. Swiping between files for previews is also easy and should be a time saver for people in a hurry. Users can easily track important documents by scanning them through the app by the simple expedient of using the camera to take a photo and Drive converts the scanned image to a PDF. You will say anyone can do that but what gives drive the wheels is that it can recognize text in the scanned documents due to in-built OCR. You can easily incorporate this feature from the Add New Menu. Another noteworthy improvement is in the Spreadsheet editor where you have options on fonts, cell alignment and colors in addition to being able to print direct from Drive to a cloud ready printer.

If you have a stack of important bills, receipts and other documents, scan them through Drive’s app and you can file them and forget them. They are there on Drive, accessible from anywhere, anytime. You can just as well have a copy on your device by opting to download a copy from inside the menu settings. You need a phone or tablet running Honeycomb 3 or above for this to work. Download the latest Drive for android from Play Store.

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