How Cloud Computing Change The Enterprise Mobility Issue?

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Not only has the humble mobile phone changed the way we work, but it has also changed the way we communicate with each other. It is being used as a tool to enhance employee productivity through its state of the art smartphones and tablets. It would not be wrong if we say that mobility solutions have literally liberated an organization’s employee from his desk and gave him more freedom to work at his own time and in his own location. But, the use of enterprise mobility solutions alone is not enough for increasing the productivity of the employee. This is where cloud computing mixes up with enterprise mobility to deliver cutting edge applications for business and personal use.

As we all know, the introduction of every new technology causes a revolution in the industry. Every new technology affects the world in any of three ways-games changing, disruptive or complimentary. In a game-changing effect, there is a sudden change in current processes and systems which in turn leads to the development of new opportunities.

Game-changing technology is a process of mutation than that natural evolution. In disruptive technologies, the whole process of doing the business is changed. It eliminates old redundant ways of working and establishes novel methods. In the introduction of complementary technologies, the change in the business world is gradual and slow.

Cloud computing will have a game-changing, disruptive and complementary effect on the enterprise mobility industry. Leveraging the features of cloud computing to help the organization reduce downtime, while ensuring continued employee productivity even when the organization’s enterprise network is down, will literally change the enterprise mobility market.

The use of cloud computing coupled with a SaaS-type IT environment will help the organization function even when its main network is not working. The employee will still have access to official business data, calendar, customer information, business dashboards, etc even when the network is not working in the organization.

When we talk of cloud computing as a disruptive technology, the aspect of security comes into the picture. Security has been a major concern for the deployment of cloud computing technologies industry-wide. Although, many experts and service providers have rebuffed this myth about data security being sacrificed in cloud computing, But, with this doubt about data security, there are many systems and barriers being put in place which will not allow any outsider to breach the security of any cloud server even with the most sophisticated of equipment. In order to benefit totally from cloud computing, organizations will have to overhaul their whole IT infrastructure and install service-oriented architecture.

When comparing cloud computing to complementary technologies, we will find that the introduction of cloud computing will improve the accessibility of the user of enterprise mobility applications. But such an application-wide initiative, although a drain on the IT resources of organizations, with more and more applications are being moved to the cloud, organizations would be able to their own computing capabilities to do additional activities that hitherto were not possible in the absence of cloud computing. This will lead to better organizational growth as also better profitability and efficiency.

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