The latest trends in Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobility

As cloud computing continues to gain major ground, affirming its place as the inevitable default for business data processing, there have been some major trends that are worth noting. These are across-the-board types of trends of the market in general, as well as specific trends pertaining to niche markets. The smaller scale is rife with numerous idiosyncrasies, as it ought to be, but the larger scale is overwhelmingly uniform.

The number one benefit of cloud computing according to its users, and the reason that most of them had adopted the service in the first place, is scalability. Scalability is, simply put, the ability to grow, shrink, or otherwise alter one’s computing system with a certain degree of smoothness and seamlessness. If you have to change your software, your hardware, or anything else every time you upgrade or downsize your system, then you’re operating at a very low degree of scalability.

For businesses, scalability = efficiency. The savings rendered by great scalability are significant, and any significant savings are definitely a bonus. Savings itself seems to be another one of those overall trends that the cloud puts forth, although this will definitely vary from one provider to another. Such savings, which are definitely in existence most of the time, come from flexibility in general. With cloud technology, flexibility is the name of the game. Not only can you get bigger or smaller without any major consequences, but you can reconfigure, realign, or even get on the Enterprise Mobility kick and go completely mobile.

So if the cloud is so great, why isn’t every single business on board yet? One word: Security. While cloud technology has taken great strides in the past couple of years to make sure that all your business data is secure, it’s just not enough for a lot of companies, which tend to err on the conservative side generally. But this isn’t going to be a problem for very long. Anymore, security breaches on traditionally run computing systems are only slightly lower than ones on cloud based operations. And things change so fast in the computer realm that once you read this, that marginal discrepancy may have already closed.

Reputations are difficult things to re-establish once they’ve been marred. But believe us, this whole issue with security is minor and will pass. If you’re holding back from the cloud because of such qualms, you’re missing out on major breakthroughs nearly every day. Cloud computing is the face of the future, and enterprise mobility is putting it to work in ways unforeseen even a couple of years ago.

You see that guy at the bar making a few swipes on his iPhone? He’s running his business, and doing it much better with constant contacts. Cloud computing and enterprise mobility technology are totally changing things up. We could talk about the sociological impact, but we’re not sociologists. We’re techies, and history has proven that technology will improve lives and find solutions to tons of problems.

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