Sony offers Online 5GB of free cloud storage For Playmemories

Finally, after a lot of speculation on the Internet, Sony has launched Playmemories. Now, of course Sony is not the only company out there who has launched cloud computing services - there are other major players on the market such as Google, Amazon and Hewlett-Packard, just to mention a few. But, what really makes Sony stand out from the crowd is the 5GB free cloud storage that it is offering with Playmemories. Sony has launched Playmemories in the United Kingdom in January and it has announced 5GB free cloud storage as a complimentary service.

The other major players on the market offering cloud computing services have also decided to offer some kind of bonus or the other to their users, but we bonus from Sony is definitely unique because the extra storage space that comes with Playmemories is to be used only for storing media files such as high-definition photographs and videos and music files etc. this is somewhat different from what the other companies are offering because you would not be able to store e-mails and documents in this free storage space. So, initially that might sound somewhat intimidating, but then you need to realize that if at all you are opting for cloud computing services, you need them mostly for storing e-mails and documents and once you are done with that you would be somewhat reluctant to buy extra cloud computing space for storing your media files, right? Well, that is where Sony is different from the other companies and if you all for their cloud computing services you would not only be able to store your e-mails and documents but also your media files and the good news is that you can access these media files anytime anywhere on any kind of device that has Internet connectivity.

As a matter of fact, Sony has also decided to offer Playmemories as a mobile application that is compatible with android and IOS phones and tablets. However, Sony has not yet announced whether or not Playmemories would be available on Blackberry and Windows phone handsets. The other good news is, we cloud computing services would be available on digital photo frames and Bravia televisions. The thing is yet to be launched but very soon, maybe by the end of this spring, Sony is going to launch these services as well. Now, that is not much of a surprise because Sony is basically trying to make its applications and services available via all the devices that are manufactured by the parent company and that is something that Google and Amazon have been doing for quite some time now.

Sony has also decided to launch a new photo editing suit that would be compatible with the PlayStation three and could be used in combination with PlayStation and Playmemories online. The other electronics major Samsung has also decided to give Sony a run for its money by deciding to launch its own cloud storage service along with the much anticipated Samsung galaxy S III.

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