Better,cheaper and Faster with Cloud Computing,Is it Really Possible?

While cloud computing is believed to have the answer to business needs at affordable costs, the truth is yet to sink across the huge number of industrial players. Yet the brain of the cloud computing concept is shared resources across a network, right from the infrastructure, software to hardware, all linked as a unit with seamless communication. Data storage capacity and processing can also be raised almost immediately leading to stunning flexibility. In case the right verdict is made, there is a possibility of cloud accomplishing all three.

IT is an expensive affair in any business and the concept of cheaper and faster will allow any organization to save on IT related expenses. The organization will have the ability to access the needed services so fast, sometimes in a matter of seconds. Once the service has been purchased fast, it can be turned off equally fast. In fact, a business is allowed to be creative and invest without fear of losing its capital since a lot of risks have been removed out of the way and capital investments can be used in other areas of investment.

Examples of organizations incorporating the cloud model include a couple of Federal Government’s agencies that have moved some of their tasks to the framework, with the biggest driver being the cost. Treasury.gov is in part hosted by rented cloud services, since some of the data centers in the federal government were rarely utilized. Moving to the cloud means lesser costs in terms of normal operations and data center maintenance that runs into big money.

Cheaper and faster concepts in cloud computing are ideal for academic institutions in more than one way. At the beginning of each semester, a college sees sudden surge of enrollment activity requiring colossal server capacity. However, after a couple of months, once the enrollments have died down, the utilization of the servers is much low if any. Seeking the services of a cloud vendor will mean that a college will meet its sporadic needs without having to lay its million dollar IT infrastructure only needed at the beginning of a new term.

A Microsoft white paper released on March 2012 observed that IT cloud services helped organizations of all sizes and all vertical sectors around the world generate more than $400 billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs. In the next four years, the number of new jobs will surpass 8.8 million. This is just one of the beauties of working in cloud, freeing enterprises from up-front capital and data center constraints leading to huge margins of profits and ending the scourge of unemployment.

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