The Most Common Threats to Cloud Computing

The IT sector is at its boom with the introduction of advanced technologies that can make the work of the employees easier to a great extent. One such technique that is attracting numerous business organizations towards it is cloud computing. It is due to the fact that adopting this technique reduces the cost of the various processes. Though it is an effective means of cost cutting, you cannot just go for it. You need to collect information regarding the various service providers and the level of security offered by them. An in-depth knowledge of the security measures can help you in getting the excellent services. Some of the most common cloud computing threats posed by this technique are listed below.


Businesses that have their data on a cloud are mostly exposed to the security threats like hacking. Though the security measures provided by the service providers are appreciable but there might be situations when they are not able to deal with the security issues. Therefore, you need to go to a cloud service provider who can provide you with excellent security services.


Most of the service providers ensure smooth services without any kind of disruption but they are liable to outages. A disruption in the services can halt the operations of the business leading to devastating results. If the cloud undergoes a failure, the business might lose its potential customers. Online business, specifically might suffer heavy losses. But this issue can be resolved as it is possible to predict the outages. You must ensure that your service provider possesses effective alternatives to deal with such a devastating situation.

Malicious Insiders

The confidential information stored in the cloud is of high importance to the business and should be protected from unauthorized access. In order to prevent the leakage of information, the service providers should pay proper attention while recruiting the employees and monitor their activities. An insider can gain access to the cloud and collect all the confidential information if the service provider is not attentive in the hiring process.


Your server might be attacked by malicious virus or it can be used to launch a virus attack. In order to avoid such devastating situations, the service providers should be strict in the registration process of their customers. This can help them in averting the possible attacks.


The server is the main component of the cloud as it stores the data of the company as well as multiple clients. Hence, an individual who can access the data of one client can also access the confidential data of another client.

Confusion with Terminology

Though Cloud computing has become popular in the business organizations but there are many individuals who are not well aware of this term and its use. In order to get the technology implemented in your organization with immediate effects, you need to educate your employees regarding the concept and working of this technology.

Cloud computing though is an effective method to cut off the cost of the different processes but adopting proper security measures is of utmost importance in order to maintain the confidentiality of the data of your customers as well as the organization.

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