Factors That hinder Cloud Computing Progress

Cloud Computing is an advanced technology that is adopted by most of the business organizations. It is a reliable technology that is utilized by both businesses and individuals in varying capacities. The various benefits of this technology like efficiency and affordability attract numerous businesses towards it.  But there are some users who are not able to make out the best of their cloud’s potential. This is due to the various factors that retard the progress of the complete process. The main reasons for this slow down include the following.


With the introduction of every technology, there are some pessimists and cynics who are always ready to retard the enthusiasm of the individuals. The cloud computing cynics play an important role in slowing down the progress of the process. These individuals possess an esteemed opinion in public and whatever they say no matter public or professional are accepted by most of the individuals.

Some of them also create a hindrance in the process to protect their status. These include the IT employees, business managers and opinion makers and are considered as the largest group that affects the functioning of the process. The adoption of new technology poses a threat to their status and image in the organization and hence they stand against the implementation of the technology in the organization.

Technology disagreements

Though cloud computing has provided advanced technology to the businesses but it still needs some improvements. There are numerous problems, mishaps and gaps that have been identified during the use of this technology. These limitations bring its negative aspects in view - hindering the process. The main issue with this technology is privacy. Various public sector undertakings and analysts criticize regarding the lack of security of the data stored on the cloud server. It is a general perception that the data stored in the cloud is accessible by the employees of the service providers and they can leak it to other individuals. The employees or the service providers can even sell that confidential information for their benefit.

Other concerns include issues related to data backup, high installation costs and information security. On one hand the technology has reduced the work stress of the individuals but on the other hand it also poses a threat to the company’s secret information.

Weak cloud computing legal frameworks

The legal frameworks related to cloud computing are still not standardized in many countries. The factors related to the duties, contracts and responsibilities yet need to be legalized. The different perspectives, suggestions, analogies and proportions should be provided a legal framework in order to provide some power to the users.

The business entities have legal frameworks for years working for them but cloud computing still needs some standards. These limitations along with the basic standards also play a role in the slow progress of the technology.

The above discussed issues are some of the most common ones that hamper the progress of cloud computing. In spite of these limitations there are several companies that rely on this technology to cut off their cost and gain efficiency in work.

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