G-Cloud Revolutionising Technology Procurement In Public Sector

Will G-Cloud Revolutionise the Public Sector?

As of this October, the government’s G-Cloud technologies have been expanded. This allows public sector workers and civil servants to have access to similar cloud structures that are used by private businesses across the globe. The aim of this technology is to improve governmental efficiency and relevancy. The bottom line is that it should be quicker and easier for government workers to improve services and implement policy, which is important in this day and age where people want to see results, and they want to see them fast!

Great News for the Taxpayer

It is well documented and often parodied that public sectors projects, including those based around IT, commonly run well over budget and over their allotted time-frames. Amongst the good things about G-Cloud is that it will reduce the layers of bureaucracy, so often lamented in our system of government. All going well, this should allow public sector workers to use the strength of the cloud framework to give citizens of the country quicker results, and all for less money which is an important factor in these times of recession.

Time for Change

Consumer computing has transformed drastically, even over the last few years. The advent and popularity of social media sites such as Facebook has changed the way we communicate. Smart phones and mobile tablets also allow the public access to information from any location, at any time of night or day. No longer is it standard to pick up the phone or write a letter, and the Government is starting to realise that in order to stay relevant, it must communicate with the people it is bound to serve by means that suit them. The public sector must be available to deal with citizens’ complaints and queries on Facebook, Twitter, and even on YouTube channels, if it wants to keep in touch with modern day life.

Improving Transparency and Facilitating Communication

More and more borough councils and local governments are making sure they stay on top of the latest trends in social media to help give their constituents the great service they deserve. Social cloud media allows public sector workers to use websites like Facebook and Twitter to talk to those citizens who need advice or have suggestions or queries for their local government officials. Staff in some areas can also communicate with each other using private internal social media sites. Such technologies allow for fast and simple connections and conversations between colleagues in different departments who may have a harder time sharing ideas. It also acts as a pin-board for suggestions and information, which can lead to quicker resolutions.

What it Means for Us

In summation, if used wisely, G-Cloud could be an amazing step forward for the public sector. We live in a technological age, and it’s important for our elected officials and other government workers to keep up to date with the sites and applications we use in our everyday lives so that they can effectively communicate with us. It also could prove a great tool for money saving, which is a really important factor for a country heavily in debt.

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