Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2013

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Another year has passed by and we are still left desiring a lot of changes in the cloud computing scenario because until last year we did not see too many changes in the cloud computing scenario except for a lot more glitches, some major shutdowns, acquisitions and a couple of technical changes that do not have a lot of impact on the way the wannabe cloud computing customer approaches cloud computing. However, it is speculated by pundits and experts met a lot of changes are going to happen in the cloud computing scenario in 2013. So, what exactly are those?

  • The cost of cloud computing services is definitely going to come down. This is more like the egg and chick problem because more demand is going to bring down the prices and again sumptuous pricing strategies are going to gravitate more people to cloud computing. As of now it can be said that since small and medium-sized businesses have already started realizing the benefits of cloud computing, so more and more people are going to get interested and that percentage is going to be so high that the cost of services is going to come down tremendously. It has been speculated that 30% of all medium and small sized companies in the United States are going to shift a significant part of their business to cloud computing so that they could reduce the cost of software licenses, upgrades, hardware and servers by at least 10 to 40%.
  • Cloud computing is going to start capturing the mobile phone arena. Well, this had to happen someday because mobile phones are no longer considered as communication devices – they are more like personal assistants offering a great amount of space, applications and everything else that could make life easier. If cloud computing replaces storage chips, that could literally change the entire cloud computing scenario!
  • Earlier, the focus for many cloud computing companies was to get inside the minds of small sized business owners. This year, cloud computing companies are going to focus more on getting business out of large and medium-sized companies and that again is going to create the most necessary paradigm shift for the small sized business owners.
  • Cloud computing security is definitely going to change this year. A lot of investment has gone from several different companies and all of them are trying to make cloud computing a more secure platform. Quite amazingly even though there have been a couple of instances of security breach, only about 3% of information technology professionals are seriously bothered about security risks associated with cloud computing! That simply means that cloud computing is going to become a household name.
  • Cloud computing infrastructure is going to improve and it is speculated by experts that software as a service is going to experience a sea change so that companies can analyze and share more data more easily without having to worry about security issues.
  • The experts also believe that it’s time the cloud computing companies started thinking about real-time customer requirements and offering solutions accordingly. That’s definitely going to happen and customers might no longer have to pay for bells and whistles – it would be literally a pay and use model.

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