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Oracle has been around in the information technology scenario for more than 35 years now and has always been known for highly efficient on premise data management systems. It is only recently that the company has been able to make its foray into cloud computing and they have already started creating ripples.

There is also news that the company has bought several small time players in the cloud computing market in order to be able to provide better services to its customers. A lot of investment has gone in and most of it has gone into research and analysis. There is also news that the company is sending out e-mails and other communication to its customers to shift from on premise data management systems to their cloud computing services.

So what is it that makes Oracle any different from the other service providers?

The first thing that the company was concerned about was to provide immediate services as required by their customers and that includes everything from space to more bandwidth and applications etc. this might not sound like much, but in reality this could make a great difference because small time providers need to be intimated well in advance by their customers if they want an upgrade - and most of the cases it is not available automatically and that could mean some serious increase in market share and mind share as far as Oracle cloud is concerned.

Price is something that the company is yet to make clear communications about, but it is expected to be a bit on the higher side, especially because IBM, Amazon and Google are hell bent on providing quality services for a price. As of now, only Apple products have been hooked up with the cloud solutions, but very soon android is also going to get included. The dashboard provided might not be as sleek and slim as IBM, but it’s definitely better compared to the small time players such as Salesforce and Rack Space. The platform services come pact with a variety of features that would be highly appreciated by the developers and businessmen alike. The unique selling point of Oracle cloud is the database that is being offered - customers would have access to the latest Oracle database and that simply means better security and performance.

According to the company spokesperson, Oracle is trying to follow the footsteps of Amazon, only in a more refined manner. The other advantage is Oracle has data centers across the globe and that simply means customers would be able to have 24 x 7 excellent customer care within minutes to help them fix a particular situation.

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