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Review of Box.comThinking about using Box? Just take a couple of minutes to read this review and you would know whether or not Box is best suited for your needs. So, what exactly is Box? Well, Box is basically a cloud storage solution without the traditional backup facilities offered by most other service providers in the category. It is basically a file storage system that has failed to blend traditional backup facilities offered by its competitors and all of your files are going to get stored on the web - the only drawback is you would not be able to store anything on your local client. However, the service does deserve high accolades for offering streamlined file storage facilities and once you use it you basically forget about the reviews that you read on the Internet about different cloud computing service providers on how messy things could really get when you are trying to blend together storage and backup. The approach is pretty much straightforward but yes there are a few glaring shortcomings as well.

Well, we already know that the service provided by Box does not combine backup with file storage facilities, so you would basically expect a huge storage box offered at the high price it comes for - but unfortunately that is not true - although Box is going to make you poorer by $10 every month it only offers 25 GB of storage space and that in most of the cases is not even enough for storing all photographs and important documents, especially for the tech savvy ones. Since most of the top of the line services in the category offer more storage space at that price, it is quite pertinent to expect more out of Box especially since it does not offer anything else other than raw space; but that again is not the case here.

But of course that does not mean that it’s not worth it. Box offers seamless file sharing and you can also set permissions that basically dictate what your recipients could do with the files you share - whether or not they would be able to edit, delete or simply view the files lies at your sole discretion. Says the service does not come with backup facilities, there is no local client that will allow you to store files locally and hands every time you want to share a file you would have to upload and download it manually and then be able to access them using an Internet connection.

The user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use and they have compensated for their shortcomings by offering high upload and download speeds and the entire upload process is also super simple. As a matter of fact Box boasts off one of the best speeds in the segment. It doesn’t really matter whether you are an experienced cloud user or just a rookie - Box is pretty easy to figure out and since nothing remains locally, there is very little room for error. We heard from the grapevine that they are not planning to include backup services, but at least a boost in their support system could make it more worthwhile for the customers.

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