What to Look For When You Want the Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The forecast is clouds all the time in ever-increasing numbers and you just cannot escape it. For some of us cloud hosting usage is limited to sharing photos and videos online while businesses enjoy vast benefits by being able to share, collaborate on and access documents anytime, anywhere, using any device. However, not all cloud services are built the same nor do they offer the services that may suit you.

In general you could look for a few distinguishing features in cloud hosting service providers.

Edit, Collaborate, Share, Sync

Cloud host service providers variously offer these services but not with the same ease. Some cloud hosts simply provide space for you to store your documents online and retrieve them while some let you share, collaborate and even sync edited documents simultaneously across a variety of devices including mobiles. Your choice of the best cloud host depends on how much you want to do and how important editing, collaborating and sync features are.

Types of Files, Password Protection, Access

Not all services are the same. A few offer basic file upload, storage and retrieval facilities while some offer more detailed features such as being able to select whether some files can be kept private and others in public folders. Some of the best cloud hosting providers let encrypt files using highest levels of security algorithms, assign user names and passwords and assign access rights. This feature is of importance to business users who may work on a single document from multiple location and need highest levels of security.

Mobile Access

With the rise of smartphones, most of the best cloud host services offer mobile access. However, not all of the best cloud hosting providers provide accessibility on all smartphones. Look for cross platform compatibility and accessibility on a variety of OS such as Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iOS before you choose a cloud hosting provider, if mobile access is indispensable. The best services allow you to log in from a browser interface, share and collaborate, edit documents and sync them seamlessly to all devices.

Ease and Support

When you switch to cloud hosting, you will want an easy graphical and intuitive user interface that lets you do what you have in mind without having to waste time navigating through menus. When you transfer your files to reliable and best cloud hosting providers, you want full back up and support all the time, including online, telephone and email assistance in case you have any issues.

Data security and integrity

This is crucial and vital, especially for business users since cloud service providers are known to store data offshore and may have to disclose your information to local governments according to law. Data integrity is also important since you must be assured that your data is stored across servers in a way that you never fail to gain access when you need to. Get details about their policies for peace of mind.

Price is the last but not the least. Cloud hosts provide free storage as well as paid services based on usage. You will want flexible, scalable payment plans.

A little time spent evaluating these features will go a long way to ensuring ease of use and enhanced productivity.

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