How to move your old VHS movies to the cloud

Transferring your VHS movies to the cloud isn’t quite as hard as it sounds. For those who do not already know, the cloud is a form of virtual storage. Using cloud computing you can save photos, videos and documents on a safe and secure virtually hosted platform, preventing them from taking up valuable space on your computer. In this article we will explain how it is possible to move your old VHS movies to cloud storage.

Digitalising your VHS movies

Before you can even think about uploading your VHS movies to the cloud you will need to convert the footage from analogue to digital. In order to do this you will need a VCR player, computer with editing software and an analogue to digital converter. You will find plenty of affordable converters to choose from at your local electronics store and online. In order to convert your footage and capture it on your computer you will need to connect your VCR player and computer with your converter in between. You will then need to open your editing software and press capture for the process to start. Please be aware that this can take a little while, so if you have a lot of VHS tapes to get through, you may want to give yourself an afternoon (or a day) to carry out the task.

Editing and exporting

For easy and convenient playback it is best to edit your newly digitalised video footage on your computer. You may want to add in things like chapter titles and menus, or edit specific clips together. Once you are satisfied with the way you have edited your video footage you will need to export it. It is essential that you choose a file extension that is compatible with the video player on your computer. You will also want to make sure that it compresses your file so that it can be uploaded to the cloud, but does not alter the quality too much. MPEG is always a safe option.

Uploading your video to the cloud

If you do not already have an account with a virtual storage website then you will need to get one. Some website’s charge a monthly fee for you to store your files on their ‘cloud’ however there are also free cloud services out there too. Obviously with a free account you will not get as much storage space as you would with a paid account. It is important to check the provider’s terms and conditions to ensure that you still own the rights to your file and that it will be passed on to third parties.

Once you have an account you will simply need to find the video footage that is saved on your computer (use Meta tags for quick navigation) and upload it to the virtual storage space. Make sure that you give it a title so that you can find it easily when you want to watch it in the future.

Benefits of storing your movies on the cloud

One of the main benefits of storing your movies on the cloud is that it prevents them taking up valuable space on your computer. You can also have the peace of mind knowing that they are safe and secure in the event that your computer breaks. Having your movies stored on the cloud also makes it a lot easier to share them with your friends and family. Most providers will make it easy for you to email your video files to others and allow you to easily share them on social media websites.

If you want to preserve your old VHS movies so that you can look back at them in years to come then the best way to do it is by transferring them to the cloud for safe keeping.

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