Few More Popular Cloud Storage Providers Part 3

We looked at some of the most popular cloud host providers out there. Along with the well known names, there are also others not so popular but worth trying nonetheless. Here they are:

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is more personal in nature and has support for Mac, Ubuntu, iOS, Android and Windows. You get free 5 GB space and if you need more subscription starts at $ 2.99 per month for 20GB over the free space. You can store virtually any type of file and stream music online.


Mozy may not be the best cloud hosting providers since it focuses mainly on enterprises, offering security as well as fast access, incremental backups and secure connection with file encryption. Side by side they offer excellent support 24×7. Aimed at small and medium business users, plans start at 10Gb and upwards.


Like other best cloud hosts, JoliCloud allows you to store a variety of file formats online and access from anywhere, anytime on any device including mobiles. The difference is that JoliCloud is an operating system within itself and offers a simply elegant user interface. It is free and you can share files across any platform, any device. It is worth trying.


Yet another cloud host, JustCloud offers free cloud storage but with a difference. There is full automation, file encryption and unlimited storage space. You can access files on any device, even mobiles running Android  and iOS. It is also fast and simple to use and allows syncing across devices with support for all OS including MacOSx, Linux, Windows.

Zip Cloud Hosting

Zip offers unlimited cloud storage in a fully automated environment that syncs files across all devices in your account. You also benefit through secure back ups incorporating encryption of a high level. Zip supports various versions of Windows and Mac Osx.

Atlantic Net

Not a free service Atlantic Cloud hosting offers $ 15 free trial credit and supports Windows and Linux with a control panel. You get nightly backups, root access, hourly billing and a dedicated IP address.


Eleven2 is flexible, allowing you to scale up or scale down instantly in a flexible way with 24×7 support but services are not free and prices start at $ 50 per month. It supports Linux and Windows.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps is a compilation of apps that function independently but has a whole lot of features and functionality. You can store any type of data file, contacts and calendars from Gmail and access music library through Music Beta. You have access to Google Docs where you can edit, collaborate on and share documents. Picasa lets you manage and share photos while Google Video lets you upload and share videos. It is easy to sync data, emails, contacts and calenders from Gmail on to any mobile device. It is also safe and secure using password protection. The service is entirely cloud based and aimed mainly at mobile devices with support for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. A drawback is that the collection is not smoothly integrated. Iron out the kinks and it could well be one of the best cloud hosting providers on the scene.

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