Finally Something To Take Care Of Your Cloud Computing Security Risks

The online business community has so far been sitting mostly on the fence about whether or not to embrace cloud computing. What started off as a concept thing has now fully graduated into a competitive arena that has a lot of major players? Some of the major players include Google, Hewlett-Packard, Amazon and also Apple. For the uninitiated, cloud computing is all about saying goodbye to hardware and the licensed software and embracing pay-as-you-go plans from cloud computing service providers that need you to pay only for the software and hardware required by your business. It is true that the licensed software and hardware can give you an “eat as much as you can” environment, but in most of the cases that is not what you need for your business - in most of the cases we business owners need too little, but end up being for the whole software or hardware. Now, this is where cloud computing steps in. Cloud computing allows you to use only as much as you need (be it storage solutions or licensed programs) and that clearly means that you can save aside some money to invest in other areas of business rather than continuously investing and business infrastructure.

That sounds so good, but the problem with cloud computing is security. There are a lot of different providers who have been saying that if you purchase plans from them your data would be ironclad and there is absolutely no risk of breach - the truth is they have not been able to prove so. It is because of this problem that cloud computing has not received as much appreciation as was anticipated.


However, it seems that things are going to change now. Marsh has recently come up with an insurance solution designed to protect small and medium-sized companies against data loss attributed to data transfer and storage on cloud computing servers. The interest in cloud computing was always there - some action was missing and this new announcement from Marsh is definitely going to convince more and more business owners to embrace cloud computing.

A couple of companies did come up with such solutions earlier, but there were just too many ifs and buts to be widely accepted by business owners. This time around, CloudProtect (experts in cyber risk management) have come up with an insurance policy that covers lost revenue due to faulty transfers and storage on cloud computing servers. This insurance policy is also going to pay for the costs incurred while shifting from one cloud computing service provider to another in the first provider fails to provide robust solutions.

These services by Marsh and CloudProtect are definitely going to make cloud computing more effective and acceptable because these insurance policies adequately address the problems associated with risk management and cloud computing that are not covered by traditional insurance policy providers.

The prices have not yet been revealed, but they are expected to be on the steeper side and experts believe that it’s going to be worth every penny.

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