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Cloud DataFlow

Cloud DataFlow, a Managed Data Processing Service Now Available, Says Google

Google’s Cloud offerings are covering the skies with a plethora of services and products. In its ongoing I/O, Google announced the launch of Cloud Dataflow, a managed data processing ...
Cloud Platform

Google Announces New Tools for Debugging and Monitoring Apps for Cloud Platform

At the ongoing I/O Google announced new tools to monitor and debug apps on its cloud platform. This is a direct result of its acquisition of Stackdriver, a hugely popular and fast growth ...
Google Drive

Now You Can edit MS Office Files Right Here on Google Drive Using Google Docs

  Rivalry is always bitter with each one jealously guarding his technologies and market segment. In the process the end user is the one to suffer. This has been happening on Google ...
Microsoft Azure Learning Machine

Microsoft Announce Machine Learning through Windows Azure Cloud

In the current scenario machine learning is usually handled on premises with the involvement of experts in several fields such as data but they are few in comparison to existing demand ...
OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft Capacity of Free One Drive Cloud Storage Boosted to 15 GB

Microsoft is rather aggressive in its policy to woo customers and as part of its cloud offerings, it has made changes to price structure of One Drive cloud storage service. In addition, ...

OnMetal Dedicated Cloud Server, a First from Rackspace

In a radical departure from traditionally accepted concept of sharing that is so prevalent in cloud environments these days, Rackspace announced the launch of dedicated single-tenant ...
Box Vs Dropbox infographic

Infographic:The War Between Dropbox Vs Box

IBM Cloud Adoption

IBM Leans Towards Open Technologies to Encourage Cloud Adoption

In a recent press release IBM announced that it is making more efforts to promote cloud adoption and to this end it plans to integrate open technologies. Enterprises can now take to ...
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