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Google Announces New Tools for Debugging and Monitoring Apps for Cloud Platform

At the ongoing I/O Google announced new tools to monitor and debug apps on its cloud platform. This is a direct result of its acquisition of Stackdriver, a hugely popular and fast growth cloud monitoring service. Google seems to have leveraged Stackdriver technologies in this suite of apps.

The service is termed Google Cloud Monitoring and developers will have a dashboard for apps running in Google Cloud, giving them all required data and metrics as well as info on open source services such as Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx and Apache, making it quite versatile and hopefully, popular in the future. The primary focus, however, will be on Google’s cloud services while providing support for others. It remains to be seen if Stackdriver’s AWS EC2 monitoring will carry over to Google’s version. Cloud Trace is another twin offering with more or less similar intent that helps developers to monitor the time each app devotes to request processing and thus get an idea about its performance. Cloud Debugger is another tool in Google’s arsenal, announced at the IO, aimed at assisting developers debug cloud based apps through snapshots of variables and watchpoints in code. The logic is obvious. If the life of developers is made easy, they can do so much more in and for cloud development and thus popularize adoption.

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