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Microsoft Announce Machine Learning through Windows Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Learning MachineIn the current scenario machine learning is usually handled on premises with the involvement of experts in several fields such as data but they are few in comparison to existing demand and potentially huge future requirement. Commercial packages are available but these are expensive and difficult to learn in addition to necessitating huge investment in time, technology and effort in implementation that few enterprises possess as of now.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning seeks to remedy or address roadblocks through a fully managed cloud service that assists in building predictive analytics solutions. This could help businesses overcome challenges in the area of using machine learning. Azure Machine Learning aims to deliver the service through the cloud platform that would hopefully assist users build and launch data driven applications to predict or even change future outcomes.

Azure Machine Learning is expected to preview next month and includes powerful algorithms that Microsoft has already developed for Xbox and Bing as well as new analytical tools. Customers benefit by way of nil or reduced start up costs and quick time to market. The solution offers visual workflows and templates to make machine learning and deployment an easy task. In addition users can collaborate and publish APIs as well as web services in minute, enabling them to monetize analytic assets into enterprise grade cloud services.

Azure ML preview is already in use. MAX451 is one such solution, helping retail chains predict customer behaviour. OSISoft, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University is developing real time fault detection and energy output variation diagnosis in campus buildings to optimize costs and usage.

Microsoft will release preview of Azure ML for public preview that it plans to deliver through cloud computing to small and large organizations in a bid to help them deliver new, competitive and cutting edge solutions, hopefully tying in Microsoft’s data platform, internet of things, big data and predictive analysis together.

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