Hardware connections vs cloud computing-which one is better

Almost every business out there relies on a computer network that is supposed to take care of all kinds of operations related to the business. It goes without mention that you would need a cabling networks to connect all your hardware devices and also maintain them properly for optimum performance. Now, the most important question that needs to be answered here is music around with these hardware connections or you should shift to cloud computing?

There are pros and cons for both hardware networks and cloud, but the latter one being more famous and heavily promoted by software giant’s across the globe is becoming more and more popular and in some cases it is even overshadowing the essence of structures. For the uninitiated is basically a platform that allows you to access all of your hardware and software without having to buy expensive licenses and without having to install every software on your network - all is taken care of my virtual servers provided by the cloud computing service provider and as long as you pay the basic monthly fees along with the usage fees, cloud computing is going to take care of your entire business.

It is true that if you have a network of cabling installation inside your premises, it is going to require some kind of maintenance every once in a while, but is cloud computing a worthy opponent. Let’s find out.

  • Is your business really ready for the changeover?  How computing is evidently going to be an excellent idea if your business has grown by leaps and bounds and it simply cannot be controlled by local hardware installations. If that is not the case, you might have been spending more money on cloud computing monthly bills than you would have otherwise spent on fixing your old structured cabling networks.
  • Are you willing to fight the privacy and security problem?  Yes, you should be very clear about something - as magnificent as it might seem, cloud computing has its own share of loopholes and the biggest one is about security. So far, the major cloud computing service providers have not been able to come up with a security solution that is hundred percent foolproof and rocksolid. Quite a lot of business owners have lost important data while transferring it from local computers to virtual servers and vice versa. There have also been reported incidents of hacking and security breach. The problem with cloud computing is the passwords that are supposed to protect your data and network are very much vulnerable to security attacks and they could be easy game to skilled programmers. Now, you need to compare this with the security offered by your data cable network. Of course, the data cable network emerges as the hands-down winner because there is absolutely no question of infiltration.
  • What about backup?  Yes, most cloud computing service providers would tell you that your data is perfectly secure with them and you are never going to need a backup because your data is never going to get lost; the truth is somewhat different - chances of losing data are minimal but there are very high chances of your data getting infected because of security problems. That is actually a problem bigger than losing data entirely. But, good old structured hardware systems at least give you the option of backing up your data! However, the fast maturity and evolution in this hot trend cloud technology has urged the providers to offer cloud backup services.

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  1. Baynetwork, Inc. says:

    Great post. We here at Baynetwork, Inc. sell the IT network hardware equipment that helps make all of this possible. Most recently we have seen an increase in private cloud deployment requests which we have happily sold the equipment for and installed either at the clients facility or at a co-location. IT security will always be an issue no matter the environment.

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