Why Choose Cloud Backups Over Tape Backups?

Cloud BackupsNumerous businesses and organisations are addressing the procedures they will use for remote offsite data backup, and safe storage of data. If you are contemplating cloud backups for your business, here are a few considerations you should think about prior to making the move.

Security issues
If you are using online information storage, the details are transmitted through an encrypted network to a safe data collection repository. This eliminates various security concerns linked to tape storage and backup, but one must also think of future issues such as cyber crime.

Recovery period
Recovering information through traditional backup portals may take a considerable amount of time. Online file recovery can be instantly undertaken with very little down-time.

There are many ways in which tape backup can fail and turn into a risky situation, but cloud backups offer unmatched reliability because the hard drives are configured using RAID. This is an acronym for ‘Redundant Array of Independent Disks,’ which store the data on numerous hard drives. By placing information on a number of disks, businesses can communicate with each other within a more balanced medium, which improves reliability.

With tape backup systems, the upload speed is much slower than online backup, which restricts the amount of information you can backup in a single day. Advanced cloud storage options offer faster upload choices, that allow organizations to backup a lot more information on a daily basis.

In the case of tape backup storage, businesses and organisations have to pay extra for the hardware and its upkeep. With an online backup facility, companies can access backup options for as little as $1 per gigabyte of space for storage.

File restoration
Even if you possess the safest and most powerful backup system, it can be rendered useless if you cannot readily recover your files when you need them. Restoring your files following local data loss should be fast and simple.

You should have access to your data at any time and from anywhere. You should have the capability to retrieve many files, revise these files or even entire folders. In the event of complete data failure, you should also be able to retrieve all your information within a few minutes.

Automatic backup
You do not need to deal with all the hassles associated with tape backups. Instead, companies can easily set up cloud backup locations on their servers to allow automatic data backup, without the need of user interaction.

Whilst cloud storage offers an easier way to perform the backup and store sensitive information, it is also highly cost-effective. Before you decide to use cloud backups, however, you should carry out some research on the cloud storage provider, in order to ensure the absolute security of your data. With an effective backup option you will never have to worry about losing your data again.

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