Cloud Computing: Maximum Benefits, Reduced Costs

A recent CRN report indicates that small and medium businesses alone will spend over $ 100 billion globally on cloud computing services. The growth in cloud computing, better hardware and the number of cloud service providers besides increase in the applications available for cloud is prompting enterpreneurs the world over to make the switch.

Cloud computing is a broad term that covers specific services such as Saas (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service).  Cloud based services enhance productivity and efficiencis while lowering costs: one of the main reasons for the transition. Apart from this switching to the cloud offers other benefits and advantages. The advantages of cloud computing are:

Pay as You Go and Flexibility

Small and medium enterprises find this feature particularly attractive. Cloud services (in all the three components) are available on a pay as you go, scalable terms. This means that when an enterpreneur starts, he need not spend on any hardware or software and pays only for the basic services. As his business grows and needs grow, he can ramp up usage without bothering about software upgrades, modifications or hardware upgrades and maintenance.  Cloud services are flexible and adaptable to each user’s needs.

Software Update, Data Storage and Disaster Recovery

Software updates, disaster recovery and data storage fall in the realm of the cloud service provider. A user is only concerned about using the application and storing data in the cloud. Data security and disaster recovery do not bother him since cloud services always have back ups and security features, offered at a fraction of the cost he would spend were he to go it alone.

Any Time Access, Better Collaboration

With data and apps in the cloud, a businessman can access information, run apps, get in touch with suppliers or customers at any time and from anywhere through his laptop or smartphone. Data and records remain up to date and again, he pays only to the extent he uses services usually found in an environment used by large-scale corporations. Office staff can work on the same document simultaneously and save time, money and efforts, enjoying the advantages of cloud computing.

Safety of Data, Competitiveness and Environment Friendly

Even small business users leapfrog right to the top when it comes to using enterprise level technologies. In addition, data is stored in the cloud on multiple servers and is safe as well as accessible at all times. By saving on costs, a businessman becomes more agile and competitive. By having information and data access as well as access to suppliers and customers, he climbs up faster and he does this at a far lower cost. One side benefit of switching to cloud computing is that it reduces the load on the environment too.

If a businessman wishes to make some drastic changes in his method of working or business line, sales process or any other process, experts at the backend implement it at a low cost since he does not have to pay for the costs up-front.  Cloud based expert developers can come up with quick solutions at a low cost.

Given these advantages of cloud computing, business enterprises, small or large, could give serious thought as to how they can leverage cloud power to their own benefit.

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