4 Reasons why small and medium companies should choose Cloud Computing

Most often it is not possible for small and medium-sized startup companies have an information technology infrastructure of their own - they have to rely on third-party hosting and storage for their functioning. Here are 4 reasons why such companies should rather consider shifting to cloud computing:

1) The problem with third-party data centers is every time you have a problem, you need to raise a ticket and talk to the customer service to solve your problems. This could not only be frustrating but also cost you business because not all third-party data centers are as prompt as the click of a mouse. In retrospect, if you shift to cloud computing you would have a console for yourself from very you can make necessary changes without having to rely on sluggish customer care services. You can add, remove and allocate servers without having to rely on unlimited e-mails and phone calls.

2) You might have a bright idea, but given the size of your business and your shoestring budget, you might have to step down from your development plans because you would need a bunch of new servers. But, with cloud computing the scenario is very simple. You can save the money that you would have otherwise spent on extra servers and use that to hire top developers and never worry a bit about the need for extra space. You just need to have an international credit card in order to be able to upgrade your plans anytime you like.

3) With cloud computing everything is scalable. Startup businesses are the boiling pots of budding ideas and every now and then you would need extra space and extra servers. Even if you assume that you have done everything right and all the stars are perfectly aligned, you might actually grow pretty rapidly within just the first couple of weeks. To meet this growing demand for space, you would have to throw in extra servers and databases and that is when things actually become Haywire. Since you cannot scale your needs beforehand, you have to be always ready to fork out an extra fad of cash to meet your growing demands. The situation becomes easier with cloud computing. You can just upgrade to the next best possible configuration and you are done.

4) Cost of building and maintaining infrastructure. Maybe this should have come first, but on second thoughts I decided to keep it at the bottom because startup companies usually have some funds to start with and are often open-minded about a little bit of experimentation. But, the truth is third-party data centers are always more costly compared to sensibly chosen cloud computing packages. You can never be sure about the total amount of storage space that you might require to begin with. Even a little bit of miscalculation could burn a couple of holes in your pocket. If you overestimate, your money is going to go to waste and vice versa. With cloud computing, you’ll need to pay for software licenses and hardware infrastructure. You start slow and gradually increase your investment as your business grows. The biggest advantage is you just pay for what you use.

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