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Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce services are a force to be reckoned with

Salesforce.com has become a major player in the customer relationship management and mobile unified communications markets. Its services for on-premise and cloud-based solutions have ...
BIG DATA infographic

Bigger Opportunities With Big data Infographic

Cloud Computing Infographic

Cloud Adoption Q3 2013 Infographic

Infographic Source: MetaCloud
Cloud Computing Certification

[UPDATE] Top 8 Cloud Computing Certification for Beginners

Clouds are here and will loom larger and higher on the horizon in the future. As matters stand there is a shortage of cloud professionals and the shortage is likely to rise as more ...
Big data analytics

5 Things about Big Data which you don’t want to miss

Big Data is everywhere; it is growing fast and is the next big thing touching everyone’s lives. Big data can be defined as huge amount of structured and unstructured data from a variety ...
IBM Digital Marketing

IBM launch New Digital Marketing Solution in the Cloud

Launched recently, IBM Digital Marketing Network, a part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce Initiative, included cloud solutions. It specifically helps IBM clients to implement departmental ...
What is Big Data

What is Big Data? And why it’s Important for You

Big Data is a term recently invented that applies to huge amounts of information. Big data has been around since quite some time but only recently with the advent of extremely powerful ...

Five Possible Security Challenges In Cloud Hosting In The Near Future

The application hosting providers need to deal with numerous types of responsibilities in order to deliver the type of service that is expected of them. Unfortunately, the hosting system ...
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