Salesforce services are a force to be reckoned with

Salesforce.com has become a major player in the customer relationship management and mobile unified communications markets. Its services for on-premise and cloud-based solutions have captured the interest of many organizations across industries and the demand for these products is continuing to rise. Salesforce’s new Chatter feature has taken businesses by storm and the need for these offerings is not expected to decline anytime soon.

The global cloud computing company recently released a new tool for its Chatter application, called Salesforce Files. This feature is expected to aid UC collaboration solutions by allowing employees to connect to any file from any device, according to destinationCRM. Salesforce Files will allow workers to easily access documents make changes and see instant updates. This also helps remote employees to be a part of projects and contribute input to various assignments.

“Employees use a patchwork of disconnected file repositories trying to get work done,” Nasi Jazayeri, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce Chatter, says. “Salesforce Files changes the game for our customers because they can now connect any file, no matter where it is stored, to their businesses and make it mobile and social, all on a single, trusted platform.”

Much talk over Chatter
The importance of CRM integration and mobile UC has made Chatter a success among businesses. The application allows organizations to use their mobile devices in a more productive, efficient way that will benefit the company. Users have immediate access to customer information, and can view trending topics and real-time feeds, according to UCStrategies. The Salesforce app also has the ability to upload a range of data types, which is useful for hosting documents, polls, photos and other items.

“Our customers want to leverage social networks, and they want to leverage the cloud,” senior product marketing manager for Salesforce Chatter, Anna Rosenman told the source. “They want to create communities and take advantage of the paradigm shift because they want to fully connect with their customers and their employees and their partners.”

Salesforce’s CRM and mobile UC offerings have multiple benefits to organizations, including increased productivity and efficiency from better utilized mobile devices. Bring your own device and remote working trends have considerably changed how employees approach their jobs and what they expect from their applications. Salesforce’s services give businesses the tools they need to function and advance in the industry. CRM Infoline notes that the Salesforce CRM can be integrated across departments with other solutions to maximize customer satisfaction. Implementation results in overall improved response time, better information sharing and a more cohesive workforce.

“Excellent on-demand analytics provide for a holistic, integrated solution that caters to all the requirements of sales, marketing and service,” according to the source. “Enabling businesses to achieve custom reporting by creating their own reports goes a long way in time and effort reduction.”

Salesforce has grown rapidly at a time when organizations are actively looking for solutions that will help mobile workforces like UC and CRM. Adopting these two services, businesses will see numerous benefits and foster overall success.

Companies looking to integrate Salesforce into their communications system should turn to ShoreTel. This way, companies can more easily optimize their contact center and customer service strategies in conjunction with the popular cloud application. Some of the benefits of ShoreTel’s Salesforce integration include click-to-call functionality, instant access to customer data and simplified call recording.

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