IBM launch New Digital Marketing Solution in the Cloud

Launched recently, IBM Digital Marketing Network, a part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce Initiative, included cloud solutions. It specifically helps IBM clients to implement departmental solutions or to deploy enterprise wide projects. IBM’s cloud solutions include Software as a Service and Business Process as a Service aimed at those engaged in marketing, procurement, at executive levels and other positions to help them propel their companies to success. These solutions integrate with C-suite cloud solutions and online digital marketing tools for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Software as a Solution for marketers helps raise operational efficiencies of marketing, brings in digital analytics and improves merchandising in the cloud. Marketers quantity customer requirements and use the sophisticated digital analytics to plan campaigns.  Among others, IBM offers digital analytics, AdTarget, Marketing Center, LivEmail, Search Marketing, Digital Profiler, Promotion planning and optimization, strategic marketing planning and SPSS data collection on cloud. SaaS for procurement includes strategic sourcing and procurement with resultant cost savings, lowered risks, improved compliance and enhanced performance. For procurement professionals SAAS includes deal management, Emptoris spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier lifecycle management, services and analytic answers.  Supply chain professionals have a suite of SaaS solutions that promote B2B collaboration to anticipate, control and respond to demand and supply situations. Solutions include deal management, transportation management, supply chain visibility, supplier portal, collaboration network and analytic answers.  IBM offers Saas for virtually all interconnected business operations such as sales and commerce including territory management, commerce storefronts, business promotion;  Finance including risk management, reporting, pension monitoring; Customer care covering collaborative processes and cognitive insights into customer behaviors and expectations; Human Resources covering human capital management and social enterprise, and, General risk analytics and contract management.

The Business Process as a Service (BPaS) relates to payrolls, expense reporting, printing and related services through the cloud via SaaS.  IBM’s BPaS offerings cover Public Health solutions, telecommunications, back office for government, service delivery, global process services and smart end user support processes.

IBM’s approach is unique in that business processes are manageable through SaaS solutions. So how have users benefited? An example is the way cities manage utilities, monitor power and water usage and manage spending on various services. IBM’s solutions for cities helps them achieve superior efficiencies without significant reinvestment in IT solutions or in staff. Another area is supply management where companies operate globally and must manage risk, ensure compliance and build solid supply base, locally and internationally to remain competitive. IBM’s Saas solutions speed up the process and enable greater efficiencies. Managing customers is a top priority, an area in which IBM’s SaaS marketing campaign solutions deliver wide ranging solutions, enabling companies to adjust while on the go and deliver greater customer satisfaction. Even logistics benefits through IBM’s EMPTORIS SaaS solution, which, while enhancing operational efficiency also served to improve business relationships.

The key to survival and progress in cut-throat competition is to have superior tools, flexibility, adaptability and the right IT solutions in place. IBM’s wide-ranging SaaS cover virtually all aspects with solutions for all.

More information on the IBM Digital Marketing Analytics can be found here
More Information On the IBM Digital Marketing and the Digital Data Exchange (DDX) can be found here

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