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Cloud Computing Concept

Business Professionals Look To The Clouds

Does this sound familiar: “I received that file in an email like three months ago…what did I do with it?” This question is followed by half of an hour of random searches ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Cloud Based Security

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Call center

Picking Cloud Based Call Center Solutions

That cloud based call center solutions bring improvements is beyond doubt. With this solution in place call centers experience first call resolutions by 23%, improve customer satisfaction, ...
Cloud Computing Call center

Top 5 Cloud Platforms for Call Centers Use

There are standard as well as customized cloud based solutions for call center platforms. A few have gained in popularity and a number of call center operators have adopted their solutions. ...
Cloud Based Call Center

Benefits of Cloud Based Call Center Solutions for Multi-Location Call Centers

If a call center operates on a multi-location mode, employing in-house staff at various centers as well as employing part-time or outsourced services to individuals, then cloud based ...
Cloud CRM Advantages

Know how to use Cloud CRM to its greatest advantage

There is no shortage of cloud CRM systems. You can pick the best cloud crm like Oracle or Salesforce, go in for Sage CRM or Microsoft Dynamics or any of the others that allow cloud ...
Cloud Hosting

What to Look For When You Want the Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The forecast is clouds all the time in ever-increasing numbers and you just cannot escape it. For some of us cloud hosting usage is limited to sharing photos and videos online while ...
VHS movies to the cloud

How to move your old VHS movies to the cloud

Transferring your VHS movies to the cloud isn’t quite as hard as it sounds. For those who do not already know, the cloud is a form of virtual storage. Using cloud computing you ...
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