Nivio Introduce app to access files stored on Google cloud

Nivio Introduce app to access files stored on Google cloudThe launch of Google Drive has already created a lot of ripples in the market and it now seems that other companies are all geared up to make Google Drive a huge hit. The cloud service provider company nivio recently introduced nivio for Google Drive app enables users to open and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Project, and Visio files by simply right-clicking and choosing nivio from the menu. The file will instantly open within a browser and changes to files can be saved in the user’s Google Drive. Request you to incorporate the same in the above post. Nivio is based in India and according to company spokesperson, India is a huge market as far as cloud computing is concerned and according to Nivio, their application would help students and search engine organizations make the best out of the Internet.
It has been just a couple of months that Google Drive has been launched and it has already created a lot of ripples in the market because Google has decided to offer a total of 25 GB storage space to Gmail holders and going by the track record that Google has, Google Drive is definitely going to be a huge hit because Google already has a lot of digital products and the Internet is virtually unthinkable without Google. The company has decided to incentivize its users by offering free storage space and this can also be clubbed with their cloud computing services. The other competitors Amazon and Hewlett-Packard have also forayed into the cloud computing market and they are doing their bit to make their products popular, but the fact that Google is simply indispensable already gives it an upper hand over its competitors and that combined with the services of Google Drive is going to make Google even more indispensable.

Contrary to popular belief, cloud computing is here to create at least 15 million jobs by the end of 2015 and Nivio has already started walking on those lines. According to Nivio, India is going to be a hot spot of cloud computing over the next couple of years and the company has already hired more than 90 people in different positions to manage issues related to its newly launched application. Nivio also has plans to hire at least 130-140 more people by the end of next year because it hopes that India is definitely going to grow as a cloud computing hub and the services of Nivio are also going to be much sought after.

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that it allows the users to save aside the money spent otherwise on expensive hardware and software and focus completely on different aspects of business rather than maintaining infrastructure to run it. Now, India is a booming economy and it is already dotted with thousands of medium-size companies who are having a hard time coping with the costs associated with software licenses and expensive hardware. But computing is definitely going to change the scenario and allow users to just pay for total usage and he saved money could be utilized for increasing business and contribute significantly to the Indian economy. Google has always been a popular name in India and if the trend continues in the near future, Nivio is also going to become a huge hit in the country.

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