Why Developer Should Must Use Platform As A Service (PaaS)

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PaaS provides a number of tools or utilities for the developers to enhance their applications, create something new and path-breaking and expedite the usual process. This service of cloud computing provides all the services essential for the complete process of building and delivering web applications and services over the internet.

PaaS has been used in many of the applications we use. But little do we know that it’s PaaS behind the scenes. Whether it’s PaaS or no PaaS the end-user experience would be the same. But from a business point of it would be wonderful to adopt this technology as makes their tasks much easier with less worry and more efficient use of their resources.

Benefits of the platform as a service (PaaS) for Business in the cloud

Here are some of the areas which is powered by cloud computing’s PaaS model is used:

PaaS In social Networking:

PaaS is very commonly used in the development of social networking platforms like Facebook, My Space. PaaS provides the necessary programming platform called the API s (Application Programming Interfaces) that are required for integration of the software application.

Use Of Add-Ons Like Calendar:

PaaS provides the required components through which the applications can integrate some of the commonly used utilities on their applications. A good example is that of Google that provides the APIs required to add the calendar, docs, mapping features to the software applications developed by the PaaS users.

PaaS In Agile Development:

PaaS and agile development practices go hand in hand. The agile development model involves an iterative and incremental process that may require certain soft wares and middleware in different stages of the process. PaaS is very useful here as the business can rent the required components when they need them and do away with them. Otherwise, the business would have to invest in these items which may not be used most of the development process.

Portable Business Application Platforms:

Apart from providing the different applications software, PaaS provides a standalone development environment that is not dependent on any SaaS applications. To develop applications on these platforms the business need not bother about licenses, installation, maintenance and hardware configuration. These are ideal for the development and deployment of business applications that require reliability, security and scalability

Open Platforms For Development:

PaaS providers open platforms for computing. On these, the developers can use any programming language, database, operating system and server. Along with this developers get support interns of computing power and storage to deploy their applications on the cloud. Some of the big names are Amazon Elastix Compute Cloud that provides facilities to store, process and scale resources as per the needs of the application. Apple provides Appscale that allows the deployment of applications developed using Google AppStore Engine on its server and provides data-storage connectivity to standard SQL and non SQL databases too.

Cloud computing through its PaaS model looks very promising. Businesses of any size big, small, the medium can make use of this technology for developing and deploying their applications on a reliable, scalable, secure and uninterrupted platform.

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