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Cisco Cloud Service

Cisco Start Cloud Computing War With $1 Billion Investment

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that Cisco, better known the world over for its networking hardware, announced plans to offer cloud computing services that will go head ...
Google cloud Dbaas

Google Rolls Out Database as a Service (Dbaas) through Cloud Datastore

The Google I/O brought some surprises such as the announcement of integration of PHP into its App Engine and opening up of its Google Compute Engine in a bid to compete against Amazon ...
Cloud Computing Wordcloud

Comparing Cloud Computing Services

We hear a lot these days about the general concept of cloud computing, and indeed cloud networks are being implemented on a broader and broader basis. Companies, universities, and even ...
cloud computing pricing

What are the things should we look in cloud computing pricing?

The main tag line of cloud computing is about cost savings. This cost savings is brought about only if you intelligently choose the pricing structure that is going to suit your kind ...
Cloud Hosting

8 tips for choosing a cloud Hosting providers

Once you have decided that you should move on to cloud, the next immediate step would be look for a good service provider. This is an important step in moving on to cloud because choice ...
3 Cloud Computing Service Providers That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

3 Cloud Computing Service Providers That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

  For the uninitiated, cloud computing is all about storing all your information on virtual servers and any and all information can be accessed in real time without having to ...
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