What Is Software as a Service (SaaS) and What Are the Advantages?

In the past, the businesses have had to buy, build and maintain their IT infrastructure in spite of the high costs. SaaS, a cloud computing technology, presents an altogether a new way to deliver software for business use. With the advent of SaaS, the business can simply subscribe to the service of their choice and use them without going the hassles experienced earlier. All these services are built on a shared infrastructure and maintained by a third party called the SaaS provider.

What is infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in cloud computing?

SaaS - Software as a Service refers to the model of cloud computing where in the users can access the software through the web browser and pay a rent for this usage. These rents are charged as a subscription of monthly, yearly and other durations depending on various other factors. This is far superior to the traditional models because here the customer need not bother about maintenance, installation and other issues. SaaS can be used by all the popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, or Mac users, making it truly platform independent over the Internet.


Get Set go: SaaS is quick and easy to implement. The user need not worry about acquiring the hardware, implement, install or procure the software. This is taken care of by the SaaS provider. The provider has to take care of managing and running the applications without any security, performance or reliability issues. The users can immediately get on to the job once they get access to the required applications.

Easy updates: The users get in educate access to any of the upgrades and patches provided by the software development company. This is in contrast tot the traditional system wherein it would happen once in six months. In this subscription or rental model, the SaaS service provider immediately delivers the new update and fixes to the application. Therefore, the users can also access the immediately and make use of it. Thus the users feel they have got more value for their money.

Innovations: The SaaS providers always try their best to keep their customers happy so ensure they deliver the service appropriately. Any inconsistency or wrong promise leads to loss of customers. The vendors keep introducing new innovations time and again to enhance their customer experiences.

Easy implementation: SaaS applications are available over the Internet and can be easily used by any user accustomed to using Internet. There is no need for extra training or education for using these services.

No installation: As SaaS functions purely through the Internet there is hardly any need for installation. This saves lots of time and cost to the company.

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